Ebda's Members

we learned that drawing smiles on peoples faces is something beautiful, amazing.. day after day, year after year, we discovered the joy of joying people, bringing the hapiness to their hearts and drawing the smile on their faces.. while growing up, we discovered that the smile, the happiness and the joy are not enought if they’re not included a message about cultures, societies, humanity, national..

since that day, we, a group of friends, colleages, students, teachers and experts musicians.. we decided to go forward with this holly mission and to be Ebdaa.

Meet The Group

Tahra Jamal

Violinist & Band Leader

Tahra, a special violinist and a band leader, she is one of the best violinists in Oman and the Arab world and she has more than 25 years of experience and she is a member of First Royal Band for Music and Folklore.

Tahra’s feelings in her music are remarkable. No one can skip noticing her deep lavish emotions once she starts playing her special childhood friend, her violin.


Oud Player

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Percussionist (Oreintal)

each country in the world, has its own traditional instruemtns which tells the public, stories about the old ages, habbits of villagers / fishermen..

Naeem is an oriental percussionist, his expertise is well noticed in Omani instruments (kaasir and Rahmany) in addition of Tablah, Ruq and duhulla..

An oriental music piece will not be completed without such rhythym flavors.



With her active personality and her smile, she turns the stage into a new piece of wonderful music.With her active personality and her smile, she boosts the energy into her music, our band and your stage. With Muna’s touch and tone, the stage turns into a new magical land.


Flutist (Oreintal)

musician of the Oriental version of the flute, the most powerful lovely instrument, once you hear it,  you will be excited to hear more and Matlooba knows exactly how to attract your attention with her performance and expertise



the teacher, is the one who is doing his best to train students to face life in all its circumstances but a music teacher, is the one who teaches the world, the language of peace, the meaning of love, of emotions and feelings..

You would enjoy a music played by a student but, what if the performer is a Teacher!?


Flutist (Classical)

The Beauty & The Flute

Here is a love story where the fire was ignited since childhood. The warm passion in her flute is arresting. With Hasnaa’s rich taste, you will travel in a space of dreams and relaxation.


Percussionist (Classical)

In an orchestra, the most powerful instrument is Timpani, it adds a strong touch to the music piece, a touch of power and loudlyness.

Rahaf, is a special perscussionist, her specialties are in Timpani, drums and all classic percussion’s accessories, a young beautiful lady, full with passion toward her hobbies by instinct.